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Figurative and Portrait Painting

Masters Studies    

Psyche and Amore (After

Bougeureau, Part).  8 in  x 10 in;  Oil on Canvas

Madonna Della Seggolia (after Raphael, part). 

Marquee of Londonderry (After Sir Thomas Lawrence)  11 in x 16 in; Oil on Canvas.  A study/reproduction of Sir Thomas large scale, figurative painting of the Marquee.

Madona Di Loreto (After Caravaggio, part). 

Baccus (After Caravaggio) 22 cm x 30 cm; Oil on Canvas.

8 in x 10 in; Oil on Canvas.

A Glimpse of David.  8 in x 10 in; Oil on Canvas.  T

Apprentices learn from masters in their chosen field. For many emerging artists, analyzing and copying the works of historical master painters helps to inform them of drawing and painting fundamentals in course of finding their own artistic voice.  Here are some of my studies of favorite historical paintings along with reflections on what I was learning.

My study of Psyche and Amore (After Bougeureau) references a part of Bougeureau's painting, however I used Caravaggio's palette instead and I didn't paint their wings.  I was practicing how to glaze all the value transitions involved with capturing the fall of light.  I think there were three suns out that day.....

I painted this section of this much larger painting of the same name on an 8" x 10" canvas in oil.  I was still struggling with turning the form when glazing as seen in the high chroma in her cheeks.  I liked how the trim on her garment turned out, though.

My objectives in this study was to create the illusion of detail with few brush strokes while also trying to minimize hard lines.  It was a tough exercise for me.  I am still working on that.  I love Thomas' use of the black background to create the illusion of the headpiece.

This study is on 22 cm x 30 cm; oil on canvas and is a section of Caravaggio's larger work.  The original painting, also known as the Madonna of the Pilgrams, lives in Rome at the Sant Agostino.

My friend and I went to Rome on a weekend and visited all of the Caravaggio paintings situated in museums and cathedrals throughout the city.  It was amazing to see Rome while in pursuit of Caravaggio.

This study is a reproduction of the painting that lives in Florence at the Uffizi.  I wrestled with every aspect of this painting...his hair, face, and physiology.  But I enjoyed painting his headpiece and learning to mix the paints to achieve Caravaggio's palette.

The reference for this study is a studio cast at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, IT

I was exercising transitioning from shadow to light and keeping a soft bumble bee line to separate them.  My lines are still hard here but I liked the results experimenting with the many colours of white.

The reference for this study is the replica of Michelangelo's statue of David in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, IT.  It was an early attempt at painting hands.  We all have to start somewhere....