Erisman Studios

Figurative and Portrait Painting

Masters Studies

Top Centre:  Madonna DellaSeggiola (After Raphael, part).  8 in x 10 in Oil onCanvas  

This painting is a study/ reproduction, and is part of Raphael's larger painting of the 

same name.

Mid Centre:   Marquee of Londonderry (After Sir Thomas Lawrence)  11 in x 16 in; Oil on Canvas.  A study/reproduction of Sir Thomas large scale, figurative painting of the Marquee.

To create new, timeless paintings today, one studies how the old master's painted.  Here are some of my studies from a few favorite Baroque and Renaissance artists:

Top Left:  Baccus (After Caravaggio) 22 cm x 30 cm; Oil on Canvas.  A study/reproduction of the painting that lives in Florence at the Uffizi.

Middle Left:  Psyche and Amore (After

Bougeureau, Part).  8 in  x 10 in;  Oil on Canvas

This study references a part of Bougeureau's painting, however I used Caravaggio's palette instead.

Bottom Left: Madona Di Loreto (After Caravaggio

Part).   22 cm x 30 cm; Oil on Canvas.  A study/reproduction of a part of Caraggio's larger work.  The original lives in Rome at the Sant Agostino. The painting is also known as Madonna of the Pilgrams.

Top Right:  Painting Botticelli (After Botticelli, Part). 8 in x 8 in; Oil on Canvas. A section referenced from Botticelli's Madonna from Madonna del Magnificat.

Bottom Centre:  A Glimpse of David.  8 in x 10 in; Oil on Canvas.  The reference for this study is the Statue of David replica in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, IT.

Right Bottom:  Beauty Cast.  8 in x 10 in; Oil on Canvas.  The reference for this study is a studio cast at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, IT.