Erisman Studios

Figurative and Portrait Painting



Heidi Erisman, BGS, MBA, is a Canadian painter with an interest in classical representational painting.  Her art instruction took place in Florence Italy, at the Angel Academy of Art where there is a focus on preserving and teaching academic drawing and painting; a method that found its roots during the Renaissance period.

Trained in techniques that began in the early 1400’s and developed over the ensuing 600 years, Heidi is following a painting tradition that stems from adherents such as Raphael, Caravaggio, Fede Galizia, Artemisia Gentileschi, Velasquez,  Alma-Tadema, Bouguereau, and Annigoni.

In addition to painting for beauty's sake, Heidi also is involved in social justice causes.  With a particular interest in family and intimate partner violence, Heidi collaborates with Wendy Aujla, PhD candidate to illustrate sociological research findings.

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